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    Mission & Promise

    We believe strongly in the value of entrepreneurship for our region and are committed to delivering on a simple promise: The investment risks of owning a business deserve a straightforward, professional and honest presentation to both the seller and buyer. Acme Business Brokers provides a confidential, process-driven approach all the way through to the completion of your transaction.

    Acme Business Brokers- www.acmebizborkers.com


    Acme Business Brokers is a matchmaker for buyers and sellers of businesses. We work with entrepreneurs to develop exit strategies and business transition plans. Our specialty is helping clients identify, refine, valuate and leverage their assets, leading to the sale or purchase of their business. Expertise includes due diligence analysis, acquisition strategy, business valuation, business brokerage services and commercial real estate.

    Acme Business Brokers- www.acmebizbrokers.com


    When buying or selling a business, working with a local expert is advantageous. We provide unique knowledge regarding local commerce, growth patterns and regional intricacies. All of which potentially impact the success of your business. Every month, Acme Business Brokers lists and sells businesses throughout Kentucky and Tennessee (Bowling Green, Louisville, Lexington, Owensboro, Nashville & surrounding areas). Our headquarters are located in Bowling Green, KY and we welcome the opportunity to work with out of area sellers and buyers.

  • "Whether you're a seller or a buyer, when you engage Acme Business Brokers you are provided with the brokering, legal, realty and financial services necessary to protect your interests and execute a successful transaction."

  • Additional Services

    Referral & Support Resources

    • Advisory regarding legal matters & divestiture
    • Corporate entity legal services
    • Estate planning & wealth management
    • Family or individual trust services


    • Financial reviews & portfolio management services
    • Investment services
    • Loan closing/title services
    • Purchase agreements & promissory notes
  • Testimony

    “Greg was a great resource, motivated, passionate and willing to sit down and take the time to make sure I understood everything. No stones were left unturned during the entire process. I highly recommend Greg as his services are true, personal and trusting to someone looking to purchase an existing business.”


    Tony Brown, Owner

    UPS Store, Bowling Green, KY

    "I found Greg to be persistent in his effort to find exactly what I was looking for... his due diligence satisfied my exact requirements. He was personable and easy to work with. I would recommend Greg, without hesitation. His ability to work effectively make him a tremendous asset in any business endeavor."


    Douglas R. Doscher, Owner

    Doug’s Motor City Bar & Grill

  • The Acme Team

    Robert Allen

    Advisor & Broker

    Since 1989, I have dedicated my career to positively affecting individuals, and organizations, that are committed to improvement, progress and inspirational legacy. Prior to founding Acme Business Brokers, I owned, directed and grew three different companies.


    My commitment to achieving results on your behalf is anchored in direct experience. Everyone is capable of making progress and succeeding if they are willing to adopt proven, effective, rightful models.


    Specialties: Leadership, strategy, sales, marketing, finance, hiring & recruiting, information technology

    Greg Reynolds

    Advisor & Broker

    Having worked for many years with a very diverse group of people provides me with unique insights into the world of business.


    Having led multiple companies through to significant growth has provided me with the freedom to continue to pursue the opportunities brought forth.


    My goal is to continue to interact in the business world and add value wherever and whenever possible.


    Specialties: Operations, sales, marketing, hiring & recruiting, leadership, budgeting, planning, mergers & acquisitions and evaluations

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